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About Us

RCT Mission Statement

Rexburg Community Theatre is a nonprofit organization focused on providing professional, quality, affordable family theatre. Our goal is to enhance the lives of both those onstage and audience participants. RCT is committed to include all persons regardless of gender, race, or special needs.

Executive Council:

  • President: Ann Cluff
  • Vice President: Robert Hibbard
  • Secretary: Heidi Pyper
  • Treasurer: Brenda Smith

Advisory Council:

  • Kaitlin Bennett
  • Kierra Burns
  • Robert Burns
  • Kory Burrows
  • Bob Butler
  • Diana Hibbard
  • Bryan Lee
  • Terri Lee
  • Cynthia McCurdy
  • Pam Nelson
  • Teya Peck
  • Jackie S. Rawlins
  • Kirk Rawlins
  • Holly Slack
  • Neal Smith
  • Sharon Russon
  • Devin Wengreen
  • Sue Witbeck
  • Vance Witbeck

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Dr. Ron and Sandi Hammond

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